New Builds

If you’re about to embark on a new build project – whether as a developer, or a prospective owner-occupier – you will certainly not wish to compromise the vision you have in your head.  When creating a dream home, especially one you hope to move into yourself, staying faithful to the ideals which motivated you to undertake a new build proposal is the only way to achieve a result which will satisfy your requirements.

If you know exactly what you want from the venture, how disappointing it would be to have the new build house builders you are working with tell you it can’t be done, or change the goalposts when you are already committed to the scheme.  For many homeowners contemplating new builds Cornwall is a dream location, and the last thing they need is to have that dream shattered by uncooperative project partners.

If you’re looking for the best new build home builders to work with for your new property in the South West, be sure to choose a company with the integrity to honour your vision.  Truly professional new build builders will allow you to remain in charge, and see it as their role to facilitate your needs, not the other way round.  At TR1 construction, we take a personal interest in our client’s plans in order to offer them the wealth of our expertise, while never going so far as to interfere with their decisions.

We take great pride in providing our clients with accurate quotations and sticking to them.  In this way, you know from the start what to expect for the money you wish to spend, and won’t have to scale down your dream as time goes on.  Also, we believe in being realistic about the timescale of a project, so you can rely on the recommendations we give you.  Most of all, we want to encourage you to stick to your idea closely, in order to realise its full potential.

We believe our experience as new build contractors can be the key to your success, and we are happy to offer it to anyone wishing to build a new home in this beautiful part of the country.  When you partner with us, you will have full access to our complete package of services delivered by trained and qualified tradespeople.  If you wish to enquire about new builds, Truro professionals are waiting for you to get in touch.